Our Story

our story

I’ve been smoking cigars for many years and have always appreciated the relaxation, laughter, and camaraderie found in the cigar culture. I’ve been fortunate to cultivate many long standing friendships through the years that all started while enjoying a fine cigar. My Grandfather was an enthusiast himself and my Brother has said on many occasions that he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t enjoying a fine cigar while being with family and friends… I guess it runs in the family!

Like many cigar enthusiast, we’re always in pursuit of finding the one cigar that is the crescendo of all experiences. That being the case and also having an affinity for customizing the things that truly interest me, I decided to endeavor on my own personalized boutique cigar line. In doing so, I wanted to create a cigar that was easy to smoke, delicious from start to finish, created nice smoke volume, maintained good structure, and had an overall good presentation in both hue and flavor that would leave a cigar connoisseur with a true appreciation of the experience.I hope that you enjoy your Jefferey James Cigars as much as I do, and may your experience with friends and family be equally as good!